From Prime Solutions comes KEEP-A-LID -- a product that keeps your lid attached to your can where it should be. Our patent pending design is a quick and easy method of connecting the lid to the can. More importantly, KEEP-A-LID is highly inexpensive. For the cost of 3 KEEP-A-LIDS, you would still spend less than the cost to replace even one of those trash cans. And think of all the time and aggravation you'll save searching for your lost lid or running to the store to buy another new can.

      KEEP-A-LID comes with 2 and a half feet of high quality nylon rope, resistant to harsh temperature and UV rays. Stainless steel clamps form the loops on both ends. The rope is then attached to the can and lid with simple snap-together polyethylene rivets. KEEP_A_LID is so easy to put on, almost anyone can do it in just minutes. All that’s required is poking 2 holes and snapping 2 snaps.

      With KEEP-A-LID 's unique design, the rope is always completely outside of the can. The rivet allows for a snug fit to the can and lid. And with its dome-shaped top, KEEP-A-LID keeps rain, snow and bugs out, and keeps the smell in.

      At pickup time, the sanitation crew pops the lid off and empties the garbage just like before. The difference is that with KEEP-A-LID you'll know exactly where to find your lid; right next to the can where it belongs.